Bespoke is a multi-service marketing company focused on the Direct TV and Live Shopping platforms.

We offer our clients:
· Turn-key solutions to their global product launches
· Focused boutique approach to local market needs
· Customized marketing plan
· Expertise in sales & marketing, manufacturing, product design and development

Top Products

With years of experience in the DRTV and Live Shopping industry, we will work in partnership with you on your product from its stages of infancy. Leading you through the patenting process to marketing and promoting the product launch, we will help you drive sales by connecting you to a well established distribution network.

Experts in DRTV Marketing and International Sales, Communications and Investor Relations

Meet Members Of Our Team

Daniela Todorovic

CEO & Founder

Daniela began her career in TV shopping in the mid 1990’s. Having joined industry leader Thane Direct in 1998, Todorovic was key to growing the company’s global expansion. She focused on the distribution and development of numerous global hits such as the Slim ‘n Lift functional fashion wear, a variety of fitness lines, FlavorStone cookware, as well as the H2O line of steam cleaners. Working closely with QVC, HSN, HSE24, TVSN and other global industry leaders, Daniela lead Thane’s international distribution strategy. Having experienced exciting growth and opportunity on this platform, the idea for Bespoke Marketing with its boutique focus on international live shopping was born.

Ines Popovic

Director of Relationship Marketing & Sales

Ines is a communications, sales and investor relations specialist – prior to joining Bespoke, she was also with Thane Direct managing the company’s international subsidiary sales.  Her experience also includes over 8 years in various sales functions in private equity and venture capital in Canada and the UK.   Working with clients in industries ranging from mining and diamonds to renewable energy, Ines created sales and communications plans and was instrumental in raising capital for a number of international projects.

Rose Mann

VP of Global Live Shopping

Rose is a seasoned home shopping executive who was most recently with DRTV leader Thane Direct for five years, playing a key role in expanding the company’s live shopping accounts in Italy, Germany and the US.  This role was preceded by running her own company where she introduced product owners to the live channel platform, successfully growing the live shopping division for a number of DRTV leaders, including AllStar Marketing.

Maria Mrvel

Office Affairs

Maria supports Bespoke Marketing operations by maintaining office services and organizing office operations and procedures. She brings years of corporate experience in organizational activities and extensive knowledge in facilitating the smooth running of an office.

Daniela brings an incredible amount of passion for product and a vision to every project she is involved in. Working with her over the years has been inspirational and a true learning experience.

Anthony Sullivan, Producer & Infomercial HostSullivan Productions

I have worked closely with the Bespoke team on building and promoting the Slim ‘N Lift line over the years and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with them. Their hands-on approach at every step of the product launch and execution has been key to the global success of Slim ‘n Lift.

Jayne Renner, Global Ambassador & SpokespersonSlim ‘N Lift

Daniela has a deep understanding of the needs and complexities of various markets. We had the pleasure of working closely together on many projects and her global perspective and vision has helped us successfully launch a number of hit products.

Isabelle Fournier, General ManagerHome Shopping Service - Ventadis - M6 Group, France

Daniela shines in an industry that demands quick reflexes and marketing savvy on a global scale. Working with her on a number of hit projects, Daniela’s enthusiasm, vision, and ability to turn product into gold is truly impressive!

Tino Monte, CEO & Executive ProducerMonte Brooks Productions

The team at Bespoke are amazing and have helped us with every aspect of our global rollout. Their knowledge and expertise have allowed us to successfully enter over 10 new international markets in the first year. Moreover, their ongoing guidance and partnership will allow us to continue opening new markets rapidly.

Mike Reznik, CEOTriFold LLC

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